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For many Xbox One players, Tuesday March 11th 2014 was a highly anticipated because of the release of a particular game which had received major hype ever since it's first reveal trailer. Of course, I'm referring to the fact that on this date Titanfall was released on Xbox One, although for those of us unfortunate enough to live anywhere that isn't North America, we had to wait a little longer. (March 14th for us in the UK.)

Titanfall promised to deliver something new, not only was it a classic FPS, it was also bringing a whole new series of elements which made this game so exciting. Not only do you control free running foot soldiers known as pilots who have the ability to boost jump and run along walls, but you could also call in your very own Titans. These mech-style exoskeletons allowed you to pilot these massive robots against those who were still on foot, or take the battle one step further and face off against enemy Titans. It was a game that had a lot of promise and to a certain extent it definitely delivered, however unfortunately the absence of any form of campaign and offering only multiplayer meant that Titanfall's major hype faded fast. I can safely say within a month of buying the game, I didn't return to the game because it simply didn't offer enough variety to make it appealing enough to me to keep going back.

Now Titanfall 2 is on it's way, a game which was basically rumoured almost immediately after the release of the original game, only this time the game isn't Microsoft console exclusive and will be on offer to a much wider market. Unfortunately because of the very quick fall in popularity for the original game, for some the announcement of a sequel didn't bring anywhere near as much hype and expectation as the original did, even with the announcement of more additions to this game.

Details on this game are almost non existent, with the only confirmed details being that it has a release date set for October 28th 2016 and unlike its predecessor, this game will not only bring the multiplayer, but it will indeed feature an actual full length single player campaign.

The campaign has been said to follow the relationship between the Titans and their Pilots, however quite how they're going to make that in to an exciting full length campaign is yet to be seen, but it is something that I genuinely believe could give the second installment of the game a much longer life, especially as it will explain in more detail exactly how the whole operation works and we may get more insight in to the brains behind the Titans and Pilots.

Interestingly, it also seems likely that most of the post-released map packs and DLC for the game will be offered for free, very much like that of Rainbow Six Siege, however whether it will be simple DLC Map Packs or actually season updates like Siege, is yet to be known.

Details on a closed or open beta have yet to be announced, however with the new additions to the game, it would seem like a sensible move for Respawn to make, especially to try and prove to those who got bored last time that this game is definitely worth buying. However, until that time I remain eager to hear more but I am still yet to be convinced that this is a must buy game for this year.

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