FIFA 17 Preview

This year’s FIFA could be the biggest one yet with all new game modes, an all-new game engine and new leagues, teams and stadiums. This game we cannot wait for! With a brand new cover star this year could be very different but so much better year of football!

Firstly there is a brand new game mode which allows you to live the journey of a footballer coming through the ranks, live the life from the bottom of grassroots to the top of the world. With all cut scenes including press conferences, living arrangements and training sessions. From the look of the trailer, you sort out your representation, your own apartment and make decisions on your career throughout the game mode. One negative about this game mode (we’re not quite clear on this yet) is that you have to play as Alex Hunter and you cannot customize his name or appearance or anything. This is where they have messed up because surely in a game mode like this, you want to make it as personalised as possible as though it is your career instead of living in somebody else’s shoes, but other than that, this looks like the biggest and best game mode ever in the FIFA franchise. 

As far as we’re aware at the moment career mode is going to be the same as last year but as we get closer to release this could change, nothing has been announced yet. The only thing they might add is the all new cut scenes like the dressing room and tunnel scenes. One big thing in the overall gameplay is that all the managers have been added just like the players so they will appear more and more. On the other hand I really enjoy career mode so I don’t think they need to change much. The only things I would change is allowing more training sessions in a week as I am a sucker for buying young players and developing them to being world class. Also, I wish when negotiating transfers you could send a counter offer including a player rather than just asking for more money. 

The big news is that EA have decided to ditch the old game engine and switch to their existing battlefield engine – Frostbite. By using frostbite they have promised to deliver the most authentic, true-to-life action which takes players to new football worlds and introduce fans to characters full of depth and emotion. Other than this EA are remaining quiet about what other features frostbite are going to introduce to the game but I can’t wait!! Other big news is that EA have ditched Lionel Messi to be the cover star and allowed the public to vote between; Rodriguez (Real Madrid) Reus (Borussia Dortmund) Martial (Manchester United) and Hazard (Chelsea). Marco Reus won the vote and will be the star of FIFA 17 which I think will look great! 

Anyway that’s it from me, that’s all I know but be sure to keep an eye on our website for the latest news on FIFA 17 and just wait for more exciting revelations! 

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Tom Chappell

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